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Ethical SEO since 2004

Freelance SEO Expert

One of the leading SEO specialists in Surrey, I have an excellent track record for delivering strong organic growth both on rankings and website traffic. With a success rate over 95% – my ROI driven campaigns are sure to deliver professional results across all industries!

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Chris Nutbeen is one of Surrey’s leading SEO consultants providing bespoke, tailor-made campaigns designed to drive significant results both in organic rankings & ROI.

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SEO Consultancy Services

SEO Consultancy Services to craft SEO strategies & implement changes to build growth.

SEO Optimisation & Management Services for Businesses.

I create Content Strategies that deliver Organic Traffic Growth.

Actionable SEO Audits with Key Insights, Guidance or Technical SEO to fix website issues.

Link Building Strategies & Media Driven Digital PR for authority.

Effective Conversion Rate Optimisation toincrease profits.

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Client Testimonials

Lee Turner
Lee TurnerTown & Country
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Town & Country Cleaning uses Nuttifox for all its digital marketing. Chris has exceptional knowledge of digital platforms, technologies and marketing. He will build you a website that not only looks great, but performs. Within a few weeks of our website relaunch we had won two of our most profitable customers to date.
Craig Davies
Craig DaviesIsomist
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Chris and the team have been instrumental in the development of our website and online strategy. They approached the project very differently compared to my experience with other agencies and took time to understand our needs, set goals and identify areas for improvement in a friendly and professional way. It has been a pleasure working with the team over the last few years and long may it continue.
Mel Franklin
Mel FranklinAgile Change Management
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What I really appreciate about working with Chris Nutbeem is here thoughtfulness. I am no expert in websites or SEO so he translates my vague demands into meaningful action, asking insightful questions and coming up with a better outcome than I could have asked for, but always what I want. He is clearly an expert in his field and has a real passion for getting things right. I was very lucky the day I was introduced to Nuttifox.

The Benefits of SEO for Your Business

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What is an SEO Consultant?

A Freelance SEO Consultant such as myself is someone who is experienced in optimising websites to perform for search engines. The term “consultant,” refers to an individual who typically provides a specialised service over agency work, which can be more costly with lower quality output because it’s not the consultant providing all aspects of their services.

As a search engine optimisation consultant, I provide a full spectrum SEO consulting service to elevate your brand inline with your digital marketing strategy. As your SEO specialist & highly experienced SEO consultant I’ll conduct a full audit of your current website to assess your websites current organic performance as well as which search marketing tactics would be utilised to drive up your rankings in the search engines.

Our initial audit will help define a full SEO strategy in which I can produce an overview of the scope of work required from technical SEO fixes and implementation through to on site and off site optimisation, content strategy and domain authority building.

A Freelance SEO Contractor with 18 Years Experience

Your companies success can depend on your visibility. I’ve seen many companies grow or shrink in collation with visibility and brand awareness.

If you do not rank in the top 3 for your target keyword terms, you can be losing up-to 60% of marketplace traffic, most likely to a competitors business who holds that spot. Outside of page 1 you’ll likely get less than 10% of the click-share for that term.

As a leading specialist in digital marketing I have helped hundreds of businesses fix their SEO issues and create strategies that significantly increase their organic performance in Google Search.

An Experienced SEO Consultant for Your Business

Good SEO consultants understand that effective SEO campaigns revolve around a testing methodology & research. To many times I have seen existing SEO campaigns with incorrect strategies focusing on an area of SEO that will not help the client reap the results they want. I also see many clients expectations improperly managed in-terms of commitment towards SEO. My focus ensures that we deep dive into looking at search engine algorithms – meaning the search engine optimisation we implement now will also be future proofed & nurtured as Google and search engines continue to update their algorithms.

You can expect a high quality SEO service from Chris Nutbeen SEO Consultancy, one dedicated to your businesses and websites needs, that ensures your budget is well spent to properly maximise ranking results in a reasonable timeframe.

If you are searching for a good SEO consultant, then you’ve found I respected and dedicated SEO  consultants in Surrey & London.

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Not getting the results you expect?

Freelance SEO that delivers results

You might be here because your current SEO agency or SEO consultant isn’t delivering the SEO results you hoped for or maybe you are starting on a new journey and want to ensure things are right from day 1. Whether you are looking for international recognition or a local SEO surrey campaign for your business, I can help.

Search engine optimisation today considers a wide range of sophisticated ranking factors including mobile, voice, location, semantic code and user behaviour. Ensuring your keywords, meta and HTML is accurate can help, but it takes a lot more than this to influence Google in your favour. Only by analysing your online properties, content, and profiling your traffic can an accurate assessment be made to move in the right direction. I’ll work with you closely to build a comprehensive SEO strategy that achieves your business objectives.

If you want page 1 listings for keywords that drive the correct users with the right intent to your business, then start your SEO journey with me today to start seeing those important SEO results. 

Different Types of SEO Consultancy

Technical SEO audits & consultancy deals with the construction of a website on how easily it can be crawled, indexed and rendered. Technical SEO also known as “On Site” or “On Page” Search Engine Optimisation is about making sure that your site has all its technical components in order for Google bots to understand what information should be displayed when someone searches using one search engine keyword followed by other words relevant at any given time (i.e., if you wanted local restaurants near me).

Off page consulting can involve auditing a website’s link profile, authority metrics & domain trust. Off-page factors are away from the site that dictate how Google ranks pages and there is some evidence linking them with positive ranking growth for certain keywords or types of content on your own site (e.g., high quality articles). Links play an important role in most SEO campaigns so it’s worth taking this into account when developing strategies in order to increase their impact!

A website’s landing pages are the key to attracting visitors. On page SEO audits and recommendations from an experienced SEO consultant can help increase your rankings in search engines by ensuring that you have relevant high quality content for each page on the site, as well as good user experience which will keep them coming back again soon after their first visit!

With a detailed analysis of your website, I can identify opportunities to improve rankings and traffic. Ask me how an SEO audit could be the basis for a new comprehensive online marketing strategy!

With a history of helping penalised websites to recover from manual actions & algorithm penalties, I can help your company get back on track. Whether you’ve suffered through bad luck or got caught in the crossfire – don’t worry! As an experienced SEO consultant I have expertise in both scaling operations and fixing Manual Penalties & Google Penalites alike.

As a freelance SEO Consultant, I am able to negotiate high quality link building for client websites. My connections in the journalism and HARO industries make sure that my outreach efforts will be timely & successful with little time commitment on your end!

I work with clients to help them establish a strong foundation for their business. I do this by focusing on core web vitals such as speed and performance, which will better position your sites in the future!

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Premium SEO service without the cost

We gave our SEO to Chris Nutbeen’s consultancy and saw results fast. As a new business we knew how important it was to establish ourselves in the search engines and win a share of the business out there from our large competitors. Chris developed our website so we knew it would be setup correctly, but as a brand new company, I didn’t expect the kind of results we got so quickly. Working with Chris has transformed our expectations and within weeks we saw positive results and enquiries started coming in. Chris is fully transparent and we have access to a dashboard to check on results 24/7, the work delivered was exceptional.

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Assess Your Website & domain

I will start by asking for access to your current website & properties, such as Google search console. Using this data and third party tools such as AHREFS, SEMRUSH or PI Datametrics I will review your existing traffic, impressions, non brand clicks and page performance to build an overview of your situation.

Keyword Analysis

Next I will find which keywords have the right volume and intent to drive sales, leads and revenue to your business. We’ll discuss your audience and build a persona of the perfect customer, who they are and what variations of specific and long-tail phrases they might use. 

Competitor Analysis

It is fundamental as an SEO specialist to look at the competitive landscape of the market. This highlights what the competitors are doing with their SEO and highlights many factors around content, specific industry niche edits and potential opportunities, plus time to rank.

Work with the Best SEO Consultant in Surrey & London

SEO is not the only game in town, but it’s no longer an underdog. You can’t afford to ignore this powerful form of marketing for your company’s success!


People with experience and knowledge will ensure you understand how best practices are changing or what areas need attention on page- one thing that might have been overlooked before could cost serious money down the line due lack expertise when competitors catch wind of new tactics used by major players.

The process of increasing traffic by increasing the visibility of a website in search engines is known as Search Engine Optimisation (UK) or Search Engine Optimization (US).


The most important thing about SEO is that it doesn’t just increase your site’s rankings, but rather the number and quality of visitors you receive. As such, a good way to create an effective strategy for search engine optimization would be by focusing on natural traffic – meaning unpaid organic results from google searches where they show up first or near top position.

Highly recommended SEO’s will help you rank better by increasing quality, performance and relevance – this includes technical work such as on-site optimization (SEO), off site techniques like link building or content marketing. In general an expert in search engine optimization can drive more traffic for your website with their expertise in ranking relevant keywords properly so that users find what they’re looking for faster than ever before!

SEO is a process, not an isolated set of short-term actions. It takes time to achieve any result and the ROI from your efforts will vary depending on what keywords you rank for as well as how often those searches happen compared with general web traffic coming into a website through citations or backlinks from other sites that link out their content onto yours – which means organic growth can take up 1/10th less effort than paid campaign strategies!


Simply put: SEO isn’t about one quick fix but rather long term sustainable behaviour change focused specifically toward converting visitors into customers.

SEO can help businesses of any size, and it’s a cost-effective way to generate more qualified prospects for your site. By using the right tactics that work equally well on larger or smaller brands you will be able to overtake your competitors in search rankings with ease!


While the strategies may differ for local SEO, there are huge opportunities when your business is regularly visible to your local customers.

A good question! Any SEO who ranks well for their own keywords is technically a good SEO. Depending on their focus, they might rank locally, regionally or nationally; either way, if they rank, they are considered good.


The best SEOs get incredible SEO results using sustainable & ethical SEO techniques and the top SEO’s will do this whilst also considering the long-term organic growth & brand awareness possibilities for their clients.

The cost of hiring an SEO expert can vary depending on their level of expertise and location. So it’s likely a london based SEO will cost more the a Surrey SEO consultant. Prices range from £50ph to £500ph, but on average you could pay between £300 – £500 per day, which although it sounds a lot, this is normally broken down across a fixed monthly amount. Plus the return from SEO is usually very good.