I'm Chris — designer & creator in the UK

I started as a visual designer, now I do a mix of things from web production to growing eCommerce stores.
It all started with a passion for design. The idea of creating something from nothing has always pleased me and naturally led me to start my own business. I’ve started many businesses, with plenty of failures. What I did learn, was by doing a little each day, mean’t progress and I learning how to cultivate winning ideas.
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I love design & code, especially when used together to create something completely different, ground-breaking & fresh. I started my career in design back in 2004, working on brands & advertising campaigns, quickly finding a love for user experience and interface design. By this time I had built my first professional websites on the side, since developing my code knowledge from 1999. I believe this is what has led me to enjoy my developer lifestyle, being able to understand design that communicates to customers, while also a broad experience of web technology to create rich online experiences.

Freelance web designer

What Can An Expert Freelance Web Designer Do For You?

Being a UK freelancer web designer allows me to work with forward-thinking companies using tech as a platform for real innovation. Javascript and Progressive Web Apps are the future of the internet. Cross device experiences from one rich code base. I am part of this journey to build the best of what the modern web can offer and proud to have contributed towards WordPress, Jamstack & Github Vault projects. My expertise goes beyond design & code, offering a commercially focused edge that understands how to scale online brands.