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As a leading Freelance WordPress developer based in Surrey, UK, I have an excellent track record for delivering bespoke WordPress themes, plugins and solutions for direct & agency clients. I have used WordPress to develop a large range of websites and headless apps for some of the largest UK agencies & organisations. Plus actively speak & contribute towards the WordPress community.

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Chris Nutbeen is one of the UK’s leading WordPress developers providing bespoke, tailor-made websites to a number of agencies in the UK, USA & EU. Each website is bespoke and follows WordPress VIP coding standards & best practices.

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WordPress Development Services

Working with direct clients or agencies of various types, I enjoy developing bespoke WordPress themes from my own or existing designs.

All WordPress themes can be developed from either the Genesis, Bootstrap or Tailwind frameworks and I can tailor my approach based on any specific preferences. For projects with smaller budgets I can develop with Elementor with custom designs.

Themes are built to ensure the WordPress admin is setup to suit the content in the best way. Using custom functionality (PHP, JS) or premium plugins such as ACF, Gravity Forms or recommended off-the-shelf solutions.

I enjoy developing custom plugins for WordPress and do this naturally for extensive theme development projects.

I have developed various custom WordPress plugins from bespoke payment gateway solutions, uses for external API’s or CRM integrations.

In some cases I have extended existing plugins from other community plugin authors to suit a specific projects needs.

What my clients say

Client Testimonials

Lee Turner
Lee TurnerTown & Country
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Town & Country Cleaning uses Nuttifox for all its digital marketing. Chris has exceptional knowledge of digital platforms, technologies and marketing. He will build you a website that not only looks great, but performs. Within a few weeks of our website relaunch we had won two of our most profitable customers to date.
Craig Davies
Craig DaviesIsomist
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Chris and the team have been instrumental in the development of our website and online strategy. They approached the project very differently compared to my experience with other agencies and took time to understand our needs, set goals and identify areas for improvement in a friendly and professional way. It has been a pleasure working with the team over the last few years and long may it continue.
Mel Franklin
Mel FranklinAgile Change Management
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What I really appreciate about working with Chris Nutbeem is here thoughtfulness. I am no expert in websites or SEO so he translates my vague demands into meaningful action, asking insightful questions and coming up with a better outcome than I could have asked for, but always what I want. He is clearly an expert in his field and has a real passion for getting things right. I was very lucky the day I was introduced to Nuttifox.

My WordPress Guarantee

All WordPress themes & plugins come with a 30-day handover which guarantees any unforeseen issues are resolved. All themes are built to be responsive across all screen-sizes & are UAT & QA tested.

On-going support

Developed by myself & good friend Vagelis we crafted a WordPress maintenance & support platform called WPGO. Offering affordable monthly WordPress maintenance plans.

Starting from £29 per month, we will ensure your WordPress websites stays online, secure and functional. Should the worst happen, we will restore your website from our backups and resolve any theme or plugin issues resulting from updates.

The Benefits of WordPress for Your Business

A WordPress Developer with 18 Years Experience

Your companies success can depend on your website. I’ve seen many companies suffer at the hands of a poorly built WordPress website, not just because of the code, but down to the lack of planning and strategy. How will my website scale? What do we want to achieve with our website? Have we allowed for future development? These are some of the questions your developer should be asking you to ensure the website is commercially inline with your plans for growth. This along with poor channel marketing strategies mean that many sites simply do not help their owners achieve results.

I have built WordPress solutions for a range of organisations; start-ups and local businesses to international retail stores and UK government bodies. WordPress has a wide range of uses and the flexible, developer friendly architecture means many sites and applications can be built much quicker than full custom web apps.

As a leading specialist in WordPress development, I have helped hundreds of businesses create websites that strategically align with their marketing plans and become a powerful tool for their business.

An Experienced WordPress Consultant for Your Business

Good WordPress consultants understand that effective planning & strategy means you end up with a considered solution that everyone feels empowered about. This all happens before a single piece of code is written and all objectives, tasks and assets have been discussed correctly.

Too many times I have seen existing WordPress websites that are completely ineffective at producing results or have a polished look & feel, but dig a little deeper and very little has been done in terms of quality care or following best practice.

When working with me, you can expect a different approach. High quality code following VIP development practices for a commercially viable solution, fine-tuned for search & performance.

Like any other marketing channel, your WordPress webiste is a point of contact and promotion of your product or service. It should be tracked with KPI’s like any other metric.

A website today without a place in your business development plan is next to pointless, so hire a Freelance WordPress developer with the skills to launch an effective website.

WordPress contractor

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Not getting the results you expect?

WordPress Development that delivers results

You might be here because your current WordPress agency or freelance WordPress developer isn’t delivering the service you hoped for or maybe you are starting on a new journey and want to ensure things are right from day 1. Whether you are looking for a simple website to promote a local business or a fully bespoke WordPress solution, I can help.

WordPress today offers a wide range of sophisticated options from e-commerce stores and membership websites to secure portals and multisite networks. As with any project focused around a particular platform, it pay’s to ensure you partner with a developer well versed in that system. This means you get effeciency for your investment and more can be done, quicker. You also get a level of detail and understanding that can make the difference when scaling or optimising your website or app.

As a UK WordPress specialist I am always intersted to see how others have experimented with the platform and regularly contribute towards development discussions.

Different Types of WordPress use cases

Many remember when WordPress launched in 2003 it was focused on blogging. A platform to allow anyone to setup & host their own blog. Even though WordPress has come a long way from that point, the blog site firmly remains and even larger news organisations use this base functionality to run national news websites.

WordPress is a system for managing content across multiple users with a simple admin interface. This is hugely popular for educational organisations as an effective way to deliver vast information easily. What’s more, with it’s ability to extend functionality it can house private areas of gated content, plus deliver e-learning options on a budget.

It goes without saying but yes businesses use WordPress to sell. The standout reason for me is down to it’s integration options and efficiency when it comes to optimising. If a software company decides to use WordPress, very quickly they can have a streamlines and attractive landing page to send visitors too, what’s more is that any payment integrations or data funnels can be setup quickly to plug-in to any existing systems they may use. Powerful stuff!

WordPress is excellent for community websites. With a vast range of community and member based plugins, enriching the default user features of the platform you can see why many choose WordPress for this reason. Some of the favourites include BuddyPress or Membermouse. Personally when I’ve created member orientated sites, I like to build this part custom to keep everything streamlined or look at WooCommerce options if working with subscriptions.

When it comes to eCommerce there is a lot worse to choose from than WooCommerce. A free, open-source and highly configurable online store solution for WordPress, I have created many successful stores with this plugin. For me it really comes down to budget, I also develop Shopify stores, but to understand which platform is right can depend on a few key insights, so best send me a message if you are not sure which is right for you.

I have used WordPress to build a number of public and private portals, ranging in size and function. The ability to allow low-level users to control content on the site means its a popular choice for organisation to use as front-end media & documentation libraries. A good example of this is National Highways and how they use WordPress internally to deliver training information to their staff and appoint moderators to manage upkeep. 

WordPress can be very good for SEO optimisation, so it’s not surprising many directories, WIKI’s or knowledge-bases use WordPress to share their information publicly. This also benefits from the option to add user-generated content and moderation functions and hey-presto, you have a publicly accessible database of content.


Premium & Fast WordPress Development

We gave Chris Nutbeen the worst brief, we need a WordPress driven website quickly to secure funding for a wholesale start-up business, plus, it needed to be SEO optimised and we need it in 2 weeks. Chris was one of 3 developers we approached & the only one to say it was possible.

The thing that sticks with me the most is his ability to look at the whole picture and advise accordingly. He made it clear that whilst time constraints meant it wouldn’t be fully custom, he could create something that would easily see us though the first couple of years before we’d need to revaluate based on our growth plans.

The site was live in 10 days, indexed and optimised for search. He created a 6 month strategy and gave us milestones to try and achieve. The same site now ranks for CBD Carrier Solution and has secured us a lot of business. Clearly all future investments will go through Chris.

Book a Free Call with a WordPress Consultant

Assess Your Website options

I will start by asking for access to your current website & properties, such as Google search console if one exists. Otherwise we can jump into discussing your business plans and ideas for the website. Using this information I will review your existing competitors sites, content & performance to build an overview of your situation.

Functional Analysis

Next I will find the best options to meet the functional needs of your website based on your budget, whilst there are some benefits to build custom solutions, in some cases reinventing the wheel is simply not required. I can then advise and present 1 or 2 options to deliver on your requirements before we finalise any final works.

Proposal & scope of work

I will deliver a proposal outlining all deliverables of the project and any details already agreed in a scope of work. The proposal will include the final fixed cost and an agreement to be signed. We will have discussed a start date, deadline (if any) and lead-time for turnaround of the project.