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A leading SEO specialists in Surrey & UK, I have an excellent track record for delivering strong organic growth both on rankings and website traffic. With a success rate over 95% – my ROI driven campaigns are sure to deliver professional results across all industries! I've been using ethical SEO practices since 2006 to ensure real, long-lasting results for my clients.
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Much of my work is under NDA. I have a collection of select projects I can share with you, along with more details about my roles, interests and experience.


Why choose me as your SEO Consultant?

Chris Nutbeen is one of Surrey’s leading SEO consultants providing bespoke, tailor-made campaigns designed to drive significant results both in organic rankings & ROI.
  • My SEO consultancy services are aimed at driving new leads / sales for your business with increased organic traffic
  • My SEO prices are commanded at a fair rate given my years of SEO experience & knowledge
  • I have a large portfolio of SEO Case Studies that show the extent of growth achieved for clients in Google Search
  • My Freelance SEO consultancy services are designed to fit the needs of prospective clients
  • I offer full SEO service coverage, providing everything you would expect from an SEO agency without the equivalent costs

My Battle Ready SEO Process

Guaranteed SEO growth

After doing SEO for many years it starts to become second nature. Even when Google runs an algo update, usually the changes are expected and using data, easy to manage. SEO after-all is a process of following battle ready, tested steps to ensure your online assets are working for you in the best way. My process has been refined over many years and I continue to do so, which is why I'm retained by 95%+ of customers who instruct me, only to leave once they are reaping the benefits of their rank.
  • Guaranteed Rank Growth for ROI
  • Local SEO Campaigns
  • Technical SEO
  • National & International SEO Consulting
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Deep Competitor Analysis
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Different Types of SEO Consultancy

What is an SEO Consultant?

A Freelance SEO Consultant such as myself is someone who is experienced in optimising websites to perform for search engines. The term “consultant,” refers to an individual who typically provides a specialised service over agency work, which can be more costly with lower quality output because it’s not the consultant providing all aspects of their services. As a search engine optimisation consultant, I provide a full spectrum SEO consulting service to elevate your brand inline with your digital marketing strategy. As your SEO specialist & highly experienced SEO consultant I’ll conduct a full audit of your current website to assess your websites current organic performance as well as which search marketing tactics would be utilised to drive up your rankings in the search engines. Our initial audit will help define a full SEO strategy in which I can produce an overview of the scope of work required from technical SEO fixes and implementation through to on site and off site optimisation, content strategy and domain authority building.
Technical SEO audits & consultancy deals with the construction of a website on how easily it can be crawled, indexed and rendered. Technical SEO also known as “On Site” or “On Page” Search Engine Optimisation is about making sure that your site has all its technical components in order for Google bots to understand what information should be displayed when someone searches using one search engine keyword followed by other words relevant at any given time (i.e., if you wanted local restaurants near me).

SEO Testimonial

Premium SEO service without the price tag

We gave our SEO to Chris Nutbeen’s consultancy and saw results fast. As a new business we knew how important it was to establish ourselves in the search engines and win a share of the business out there from our large competitors. Chris developed our website so we knew it would be setup correctly, but as a brand new company, I didn’t expect the kind of results we got so quickly. Working with Chris has transformed our expectations and within weeks we saw positive results and enquiries started coming in. Chris is fully transparent and we have access to a dashboard to check on results 24/7, the work delivered was exceptional. Rebecca Viel, Awesome Floor Restoration

Why hire an SEO expert?

Work with the Best SEO Consultant

SEO is not the only game in town, but it’s no longer an underdog. You can’t afford to ignore this powerful form of marketing for your company’s success! People with experience and knowledge will ensure you understand how best practices are changing or what areas need attention on page- one thing that might have been overlooked before could cost serious money down the line due lack expertise when competitors catch wind of new tactics used by major players. Good SEO consultants understand that effective SEO campaigns revolve around a testing methodology & research. To many times I have seen existing SEO campaigns with incorrect strategies focusing on an area of SEO that will not help the client reap the results they want. I also see many clients expectations improperly managed in-terms of commitment towards SEO. My focus ensures that we deep dive into looking at search engine algorithms – meaning the search engine optimisation we implement now will also be future proofed & nurtured as Google and search engines continue to update their algorithms. You can expect a high quality SEO service from Chris Nutbeen SEO Consultancy, one dedicated to your businesses and websites needs, that ensures your budget is well spent to properly maximise ranking results in a reasonable timeframe.
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