Workspace 2021

I get a lot of questions about my workspace, it’s funny because I guess I’ve made it fairly efficient without thinking about it and I know people love to see workspace setups.

Since giving up on the lease to my Barn office earlier this year due to the pandemic, we decided to go fully remote, which was easy as most of my team were remote already.

This meant getting a better setup at home and while I still have work to do, I feel the space is now in pretty good space.

IMAGE – Office View

I converted my loft into my home office, giving me a great creative space to work, without the distractions of the house.

IMAGE – Units

Normally this would have been a trip to IKEA, however this time I was lucky enough to get some ex-display units from my dad. The quality of this stuff is excellent, my favourite is the Corian desktop; a solid one-piece material made of acrylic polymer. The only issue was fitting, as these unit and the desktop are heavy, so we had to reinforce the floor and lift them into the loft.

IMAGE – tea / coffee station

Being a little way from the kitchen, I certainly needed a tea & coffee station. This started with the Breville Variable Dispense, giving me 2.0 Litres of water before I have to refill.

IMAGE – desk overview

I work on a BenQ 4K HDR, which I purchased after some research. I wanted a solid performing monitor without a hefty price tag that would do justice to my 2016 Macbook Pro. The monitor is excellent and has done me well so far. I am planning to get the Macbook M1 Pro soon, so I will likely look to replace the monitor and have my eyes on the Apple Pro Display XDR.

IMAGE – Speakers

I recently upgraded to the Edifier R1280DB Active Speakers and I am really pleased with the quality. Even at low volume they have a clear rich sound, with nice on board EQ controls, multiple inputs and bluetooth connection.

IMAGE – Mouse & stream deck

I use the Logitech MX Master 3 and have my core apps and services setup on the Elgato Stream Deck. Originally the stream deck was for coding efficiency, but as I’ve started to do more video & live streaming, I can see a need to go for the large bay version.

IMAGE – Value Pre-amp

I know some of you noticed my Headphone Value Pre-amp by DOUK Audio. Sometimes you need to isolate yourself with the music of the week and this valve amp gives a warm retro tube sound. Offering Bluetooth connectivity and USB & RCA inputs.


I have a few external drives, but the latest addition is the Synology DS218J. I went with 4TB with 2 x Seagate IronWolf Drives. The performance of the drives is pretty good. I work locally on my SSDs for active projects, so for backups and archives these work great.

IMAGE – Overview or Closeup

This is what the setup currently looks like, I will do an update once I replace the monitor as I am considering options to improve my screens and efficiency coding. If you are interested, you can find out more about my Photo & Video setup.


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